Brick - Brick sand is your typical masonry sand used for mixing cement and mortar. It is a fine washed sand and is a yellow-brown color.
Concrete - Concrete sand is a masonry sand that is much rougher sand than brick sand.
White Masonry
White Masonry - White masonry sand is used for mixing cement and mortar. It is a fine washed sand and is very light in color. It can also be used in sand boxes.
Cushion - Cushion sand is also known as play sand. It is a very fine, sugar sand and is used underneath pavers and flagstone. It can also be used in sand boxes, but it is so fine that sometimes it sticks to the kids' and can be tracked in the house.
Remix - Remix is a mixture of brick sand and pea gravel. It is used for cement with an aggregate finish.
Pad - Pad sand is used underneath asphalt. It is not screened or washed.
Decomposed Granite
Decomposed Granite - Decomposed Granite is a great base for walkways and paths. Another great use is underneath flagstone. When used with flagstone, the decomposed granite can be put in the joints to create mortared look without the cement! Available in three sizes. (1/4", 1/2", 1"+)
Lava - Lava sand is a great addition to beds to enrich your soil and add nutrients. It is also has a great water holding capacity.
Expanded Shale
Expanded Shale - Expanded shale is used as a lightweight aggregate in concrete production and as a soil amendment.
Manufactured - Manufactured sand is a sand made out of crushed limestone and has been screened and cleaned.
Due to the variance of color, texture and size of natural stone, gravels and sands we cannot guarantee that the images on our website match the current inventory of our products. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm material prior to delivery.