Q: Does Tex-Art Stone deliver?

A: Yes! Check out our Services page for pricing.

Q: Can bulk and palletized material be delivered within the same trip?

A: Yes it can! Typically, we can deliver 2 or 3 pallets and 2 or 3 yards of bulk material in one trip.

Q: How big are your delivery vehicles?

A: We have two different sized trucks. Our big truck (8.5' wide, 28' long, 8.5' tall and weighs 31,000 lbs empty) can hold up to 8 pallets of stone or pavers or up to 13 yards of sand/soil/rock or 15 yards of mulch; Our smaller trucks (8.5' wide, 24' long, 8.5' tall and weighs 15,000 lbs empty) can hold up to 6 pallets of stone or pavers or up to 8 yards of sand/soil/rock or 12 yards of mulch. *Please note that when we dump our trucks there must be a minimum of between 25' and 28' for the dump bed to be fully raised.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount for deliveries?

A: There is no minimum; our delivery fees are flat fees that are based on distances from our yard.

Q: How will the material be placed at my home or jobsite?

A: We will drop the load wherever is accessible for our trucks, which limits most residential areas to the driveway. Our drivers will be more than happy to dump in any location as long as they believe they will not damage anything or become stuck. However, any damage or injuries that happen inside the curb line are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Q: Are there quantity discounts?

A: Yes If you are purchasing at least 8 yards/tons of bulk material, there is a price break depending on the value or cost of the product. When purchasing stone, if you buy more than 4 tons, the price per ton is discounted slightly, and there's even more of a discount if you buy 16 or 24 tons.

Q: How do you sell the stone and rock?

A: Most of the stone is sold by the ton, but you can buy as much or as little as you need. If you buy less than a ton, the price is per pound. Price per pound is typically a cent more than when it is priced per ton, and that is due to the extra costs and hassles it takes to get the stone off of the pallets *Any culling or picking will result in a 30% up charge.

Returns and Exchanges

Q: Can I return material?

A: We would be happy to refund palletized material! However it must be useable quality material; it cannot have been picked through and must be clean. Please bring your receipt along with you. *Please note that up to a 25% restocking fee may apply; we do not accept returns on bulk material.


Q: How much material do I need?

A: In order to calculate how much material you need, the first thing you must have is the square footage of your area. To calculate your square footage, multiply the length by the width in feet and decide what depth you would like the product to cover. Then check out our volume calculator and product coverage chart so you can get an approximation of how many yards/tons you will need to cover that area.

Q: How much is a yard?

A: A yard in terms of volume is a cubic yard. If you visualize it as a box, it is three feet high, three feet wide and three feet deep. If you look at our calculator product coverage chart you will be able to figure out how many square feet one yard will cover.

What and how much do I need?

Q: How much does a pallet weigh?

A: A pallet does not equal a ton. Depending on the type of rock you are buying, a pallet can weigh up to 2 tons. You do not have to buy a whole pallet; we would be happy to sell you a half or quarter pallet. However the more you buy, the less it costs. Pricing for quantities of less than a ton will be higher due to handling and picking charges

Q: Can I see the material before I buy it? Yes!

A: We encourage you to personally pick out the specific color and size of everything you purchase; Tex-Art Stone will not be held responsible for costs incurred to refund material that was not picked out; Please feel free to come and take a walk in our yard to see everything available.

Q: What are the differences between the different sands and soils?

A: All of the products are very different from each other; View the descriptions of each product to make your decision.

Q: What is the difference between regular and select flagstone?

A: Select flagstone is in larger pieces than the regular flagstone. If you wanted to make a countertop or a bench out of flag, you would want to use the select. They are usually larger pieces than one person can lift alone.

Q: What is the difference between chopped and sawed stone?

A: Chopped and sawed stone are both in the shape of bricks, however, chopped is rough on all sides and sawed is smooth on the top and bottom and rough on the faces.; Chopped and sawed stone are typically available in various heights and depths, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc, and they are cut into varied lengths.

Q: What thickness stone do I need?

A: The recommended thickness of flagstone for patios and walkways is at least 1 1/2 - 2; thick and laid upon a cushion, i.e. cushion sand or decomposed granite; Flagstone as thin as 1in; should only be used for veneers or be set on a solid surface; The thicker stone, 3 - 5in thick should be used when building retaining walls or under light vehicle traffic.


Q: Do you do any installation?

A: No, we regret to inform you that we do not do any form of installation.; We will be happy to refer you to someone who does though! Click here to view a list of contractors who buy from us on a regular basis and are in good standings with Tex-Art. We suggest you check all references and pricing before hiring anyone's services.