Hardwood Fine Grind
Hardwood Fine Grind - This popular mulch is deep brown in color and finely shredded. After a season, Fine Grind Hardwood will start to decompose and enrich your soil. It is used to retard weeds, provide insulation and is one of the best mulches for areas with water issues.
Cedar - Cedar mulch is a medium shredded mulch. The fibers of the mulch interlace together to form a thick matrix which retards weeds and provides insulation. It is medium brown in color and has a natural bug deterrent.
Black Dyed
Black Dyed - The Black Dyed Hardwood blend is a mulch for anyone who wants to make their beds look more elegant. It too is made from native mulches and dyed with environmentally friendly dyes.
Shredded Pine
Shredded Pine Bark - Shredded Pine mulch is a great mulch for your acid loving plants. The acidity levels will also help loosen up thick soil. It is a deep reddish brown in color and has a heavy pine aroma.
Kiddie Kushion
Kiddie Kushion - Kiddie Kushion is our original playground mulch. It is made from chipped pieces of White Oak Trees. It meets the current requirements for handicapped accessibility and head impact. It is a cost efficient and aesthetic alternative to gravel.
Hardwood Regular Grind
Hardwood Regular Grind - Hardwood Regular Grind is a medium shredded mulch used for top dressing plants and trees. It is used to retard weeds and provide insulation. This mulch will decompose over time to enrich your soil.
Red Dyed
Red Dyed - Our Red Dyed mulch is made from native mulches which are then dyed and dried. Anyone who wants to make their landscaping draw all of the neighbors attention will love the bright red color.
Pine Bark Nuggets
Pine Bark Nuggets - Pine Bark Nuggets will bring the wonderful aroma of pine to your yard. The Nuggets are rough pieces of bark and create a wonderful texture. It can also be used for pathways.
Pecan Shell
Pecan Shell - Pecan Shell are a popular mulch in a reddish brown. Very high in acid this mulch will retard the germination of weed seeds. The high acid content also helps acid loving plant.
Native Budget
Native Budget - Our Budget mulch is an economical way to provide beauty and insulation to flower beds. It is ground from trees native to this area and will decompose to enrich your soil. This mulch is a rougher shred and is dark brown is color.
Due to the variance of color, texture and size of natural stone, gravels and sands we cannot guarantee that the images on our website match the current inventory of our products. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm material prior to delivery.