River Rock and Cobblestone

Wisconsin Cobble
Wisconsin Cobble - Our Wisconsin Cobble is one of the most elegant river rocks we have. It is a round, egg-shaped rock in pastel colors. Available in one size. (6-8")
Colorado Cobble
Colorado Cobble - Colorado Cobble is definitely the cream of the rock! Two different color schemes are available: Salt and Pepper or Variegated. The Salt and Pepper is a mixture of black speckled over gray. Variegated is a mixture of bold and pastel colors. Both colors come in three sizes. (1-2", 2-4" and 6-8")
Native - Our Native rocks are an economical way to make your landscaping look great! It comes in a variety of tans and browns that will match anything. Available in three sizes. (1/4", 3/8", 3/4")
Arkansas - White rock is all the craze these days. If you are buying in, you can't get away with anything but the Arkansas. Light colored rocks blend in with the majority of snow white pebbles. Available in two sizes. (1 1/2", 2")
Rainbow - The name says it all; this river rock is white with every color of the rainbow mixed into it. Blues, purples, reds, they are all there! Perfect for anyone who wants a full color spectrum. Available in three sizes. (3/8", Ungraded 1 1/2-")
Drain - The Drain rock is typically used for French drains. Many people love to use them for pathways and in their flower beds because of the beautiful tans that make the color scheme worth seeing. Available in two sizes. (3/4 - 1", 1-2")
Arizona Cobble
Arizona Cobble - This rock is in a variety of bold colors straight out of Arizona. The deep reds and purples will really catch your eye! It is smooth and round and comes in two sizes. (2-4" and 6-8")
Aztec - If you are into the classic New Mexico color schemes with bold reds and oranges, take a look at the Aztec. It has a majority of smooth, round rocks, but the edgy variations mixed in make this a one-of-a-kind! Available in four sizes. (3/8", 3/4", 1", 2")
Deco - Is a smooth, more rounded native river rock that consists of more pastel colors. Available in (1" - 2"+)
Texarkana - Is an angular native river rock that consists of a gray / beige mix. Available in (1" - 2"+)

Gravel and Crushed Stone

Crushed Pink Granite
  Crushed Granite - The Granite has a variety of uses, but most commonly, it is used for paving purposes. It really brings a sparkle to your driveway! Available in three sizes. (3/8", 3/4", 1"+)
Gabion - This rock is a great one to use to reinforce behind a retaining wall, or just scatter them into your landscaping! Light silver and blueish colors make this an attractive addition to any yard. Available in one size. (3-8")
Flex Base
    Flex Base - Flex Base makes a great road base material for paving purposes. It is a great reinforcement to use underneath pavers or asphalt. Available in three sizes. (5/8"-, 1", and 11/2")
Crushed Limestone
Crushed Limestone - Most commonly seen on driveways, Limestone is a great, cost efficient way to pave your private road. It is a light gray color and many people love it in their flower beds, as well! Available in four sizes. (1/4", 1/2", 1", 11/2")
Rip Rap
Rip Rap - Rip Rap is usually used as a building material, but quite often you will see the silver and gray rocks being used as decorative boulders to accent people's houses. Available in one size. (8-12")
Due to the variance of color, texture and size of natural stone, gravels and sands we cannot guarantee that the images on our website match the current inventory of our products. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm material prior to delivery.